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A young, Dynamic and self-made Man, Shri Sampath Kumar CA, Originated a small academy with big Ideas by name ‘Sampath’ academy with a Pious Objective of transforming the dreams of the Students of professional courses (CA, CWA & CS) into reality. The consistent hard work, commitment and dedication towards the cause of professional education and the student’s holistic development became the fundamental basis and cause for growth and development of Sampath Academy in Bangalore. Mr.Sampath Kumar had to pass through a series of extraordinary and threating exceptional circumstances before putting the sampath academy on the list of premier Institutions teaching professional courses to students in Bangalore. The Right attitude, ability and credibility of Mr.Sampath Kumar helped him to get a highly knowledgeable, service oriented team of faculty members which included the great L Jayaraman Sir, the great Vishwanathan Nagarajan sir and others to transform Sampath Academy as one of the best and most preferred coaching institution’s in Bangalore by the students from different parts of the Country. Presently, Sampath Academy is known for its unique way of providing coaching to the students of Professinal Courses, especially CA students which is clearly reflected in the success in examination by hundreds of students which includes toppers with all India Ranks. Sampath Academy is Coaching successfully in a highly consistent and dedicated manner for all the levels of CA Course Viz., CPT, IPCC AND Final Sampath Academy today stands tall among professional coaching Institutions in Bangalore Primarily due to unfailing support, Love & affection and word of mouth advertisement of students. Sampath Academy highly Indebted and eternally thankful to all the students for everything they have done and doing for the growth and development of academy.


Highly qualified, experienced team of Faculty members handle the subjects effectively and efficiently.

Presentation of the subjects in a systemactic and logical manner to enable the students comprehend the structure and substance of the concepts.

Concentration on exam-oriented appreciable number of quality problems to provide a firm grounding for students in various subjects and to face the Professional Exams with high Confidence Accurate, Complete and Quality notes prepared by experienced and expert faculty members to assist quick and efficient learning by the students.

Slow and systematic exploring of syllabus in a scheduled time frame without sacrificing quality and number of classes.

Highly Convenient and student friendly timing is planned to suit all types of Professional Students.


Sampath Academy, a well established Professional Coaching Centre in Bangalore has an outstanding team of faculty members who come from length and breanth of the country.

The Faculty members of Sampath Academy have created a high reputation in the areas of their specialization.

Many of the Faculty members are visiting as specialists to a number of Professional iInstitutions and Academies of repute all over India.

our team of Enlightened, dedicated and devoted faculty members treaching various subjects of the Professional Courses is at its best. It responds positively to the needs of students for holistic development.


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